Thanksgiving Travel And Smooth Sailing Through Security

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Larry Meiller finds out how to save when traveling during the holidays! Plus, get tips for getting through security without any hiccups.

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  • 4 Basic Travel Tips For Smooth Holiday Flying

    Nothing can dampen the seasonal spirit quite like the stress and frustration that are often associated with holiday flying. While crowds and delays are sometimes unavoidable, travel expert Rick Seaney has some basic advice that he says can help winter travellers lower their chances of missing out on the celebration because of long security lines or flights that left without them.

    Seaney, CEO and co-founder of, laid out four last-minute tips that holiday travelers can use to make their trip go smoothly.

    Pack a smaller bag: With the increase in travelers and decrease in space in the overhead compartments, bringing the largest bag is not the smartest technique, Seaney said. With most airlines tacking on sizeable fees for checked luggage, one solution is to carry a bag that can fit in those tight spaces.

    Stay connected: Delays and cancellations are the most common during the holiday season, according to Seaney, and being informed about those changes can save the hassle of missing a flight. Signing up for mobile alerts or even checking airlines’ websites can reduce the likelihood of being stuck.

    Arrive to the airport early: Being early is always better than being late. There are always numerous snags that can befall travelers at the terminal or even on the way to the airport, Seaney said.

    “Security is tightened all around the country … the Wednesday before and the Sunday after (Thanksgiving) are the two busiest days of the year,” he said. “There are going to be slow lines and the parking lots are going to be completely full.”

    Know the TSA rules: To help the system move faster, knowing the simple security rules enforced by the Transportation Security Administration can minimize time spent in lines. For example, liquids are only allowed in 3.4 ounces containers or smaller, and Seaney cautioned people to think beyond the obvious. Liquid doesn’t just mean water bottles or shampoo — it can also mean things like peanut butter, jelly and salsa.

    Seaney also offered a bit of advice on making holiday flying more affordable. Any flight over the weekend, including Thursdays, he said, will always have higher prices.

    “So if you leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday, for example, it’s going to about $40 cheaper each direction,” Seaney said.

    Many people want to buy tickets early in the season for their trips. However, Seaney warns customers to wait until about three months before a departure.

    “In fact, if you’re shopping any earlier than five months, the airlines aren’t even managing their tickets … that are basically the third, fourth and fifth cheapest price points,” Seaney said. “They are going to sell you sixth-cheapest price because that is all they are actually offering.”

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