Science Monday with Bassam and The Weather Guys

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Lightening against a purple sky.
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We take a deeper dive into science literacy, why the arts are important to science and the latest on climate change. Then we look at tornadoes in southern Wisconsin, folklore and forecasting, and how drones help meteorologists.

Featured in this Episode

  • Science with Bassam: Science literacy

    Science and technology are important parts of your everyday life. We talk about how and why you can become science literate. We also look at the role science plays in this election year.

  • Weather update: How did we get tornadoes in winter?

    Before this year, Wisconsin hadn’t recorded a tornado during the month of February. The Weather Guys are back to tell us why these tornadoes were a big deal. Plus, we talk about the accuracy of folklore weather forecasts and the role of drones in weather prediction.

Episode Credits

  • Larry Meiller Host
  • Bassam Shakhashiri Guest
  • Jon Martin Guest
  • Steve Ackerman Guest
  • Clara Neupert Producer
  • Trina La Susa Technical Director

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