Physical Therapy Advice: Skiing Injuries

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Skiing can be great fun but it can also be dangerous. We talk about skiing injuries, how to prevent them and how to treat them with our physical therapy experts. They also take listener calls.

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  • A Physical Therapist's Tips On Avoiding Ski Injuries

    Nothing can ruin a fun day of skiing more quickly than an injury. To lower your odds of getting hurt on the slopes, there are a number of things you can do before you buckle your ski boots, a UW Health physical therapist says.

    First on the list is conditioning, said Lori Thein Brody, a physical therapist and athletic trainer.

    “Combine strength training with endurance training,” she said. “Because you can get into situations where you need to muster some strength to make a turn or get out of a dangerous situation.”

    Thien Brody suggests adjusting your workout to focus on quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Building up endurance with longer cardio exercise will also help keep you injury-free, she said.

    It’s also important to check your equipment. Make sure the boots and bindings are in good shape and adjusted to your weight and level of expertise, Thein Brody said.

    “Like it or not, you may have put on a few pounds, and you need to adapt your equipment so it accommodates you,” she said.

    A correctly fitting element is essential, an ill-fitting helmet is almost worse than not wearing one at all, the physical therapist said.

    If renting equipment, be honest about your height and weight, said Thein Brody. This ensures you are given the correct gear. Also, be realistic about your skiing ability. It’s especially tempting to exaggerate when skiing in a group and everyone lacks the same skillset.

    “The most important thing is not skiing beyond your level, this is where most people get in danger,” she warned.

    Injuries typically happen near the end of the day when skiers may be physically and mentally fatigued, Thein Brody said.

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