Insect Update: Dealing with fruit flies, keeping firewood clear of critters and other fall home invaders to know

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A basket of fruit and veggies sits behind a fruit fly trap.
This Oct. 7, 2013 photo shows fruit and fly traps in New Paltz, N.Y. For the simplest trap, just set out a glass of wine to which some dish detergent has been added and label the glass so no one drinks the liquid. After landing on this liquid for a drink, fruit flies become wetted and are unable to take off again. Lee Reich/AP Photo

Given the chance and plenty of rotting produce, a female fruit fly can lay about 500 eggs. That makes for quick home infestation. Luckily, entomologist Phil Pellitteri is back to explain what to do if you find fruit flies in your home. He’ll also cover other fall invaders.

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