How To Raise Mentally Strong Children

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Child walking with adult
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Healthy and happy – those are two things parents and grandparents want for young people, but one more thing to add to that list is “mentally strong.” We talk with a guest psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker about the value in raising children with mental muscle so they can grow into healthy strong adults and get suggestions on how adults can become mental strength trainers for young people.

What do you do to help the children in your life to be mentally strong? Has there been a time where it didn’t go according to plan? What happened? How did you fix it to help the child learn from the situation and build mental muscle? Look back on your own experiences – were you raised to be mentally strong? How did that affect you as you aged? Get involved in our conversation by emailing, posting on the Ideas Network Facebook page and tweeting at @lmeillershow.

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