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Cheese Twists. Photo: Terri Milligan

When thinking about cooking for the holidays, it can quickly become overwhelming. Larry Meiller finds out how the freezer can be your best friend this time of year. Plus, tune in for delicious recipes for every course.

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  • Wisconsin Chef Offers Holiday Recipes From Frozen Food Aisle

    At this time of year, holiday parties and get-togethers become something that occurs just about every weekend, and finding the best recipes for those festive occasions can be time consuming and difficult. To that end, recognized chef Terri Milligan has quick tips and recipes she thinks should top a holiday party this season.

    Milligan, a culinary instructor and food writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel food section and featured writer in the food magazine Edible Door, discussed her “frozen assets” that can help with any last-minute party situations. For the freezer essentials, the frozen food aisle is the start, Milligan said. She said people should pick up some phyllo dough, puff pastry and phyllo cups to be there when they need to be called on. In addition, Milligan said to store meats, such as sausages and salamis, because they refrigerate great and are easy to quickly cook up.

    “(The essentials) are lined in the freezer wanting to be used when they are called on,” she said.

    These essentials are easy to use when making recipes with treats like cream cheese, meatballs and pepper jelly.

    Some of Milligan’s favorite holiday appetizers includes a pigskin cheeseball and gazpacho “shooters” with shrimp. Her idea of a crostini bar involves a buffet-style setup, where there is a whole variety of ingredients and toppings. The hosts only need to toast the French bread and the guests do the rest, Milligan said.

    “My theory on that one was when you are really in a pinch, you can make your guests create their own appetizers and they don’t even know they are doing it,” Milligan said.

    For more tasteful recipes, visit her website.

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