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On Garden Talk, Larry Meiller learns about the School For Beginning Market Growers, and great tips for growing veggies that anyone can use.

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    Looking out at the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin right now, it’s hard to imagine being able to dig in the dirt and plant vegetables. But that time will come eventually and for now, it might be fun to think about how good the fruits of those labors will taste come warmer weather.

    John Hendrickson, the outreach specialist for fresh market vegetables and food systems with the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems and the coordinator of the Wisconsin School for Beginning Market Growers, said his favorite home vegetable to plant and grow might be a surprise.

    “One of my favorite things to grow is carrots,” Hendrickson said. “A lot of people talk about the fact that a homegrown tomato is just so much better than the supermarket tomato. I think, to me, carrots are even more so.”

    He said he is willing to admit that the difference in tomatoes is large, but he still thinks that there’s nothing like “a good carrot that comes out of the ground here in Wisconsin.”

    Hendrickson pointed out that not only are there varieties with different taste profiles, but now there are carrots that come in different colors as well.

    WPR host Larry Meiller shared that an organic farmer from the East Coast told him about his experience growing carrots for market. They were so delicious and such a treat that children were trading each other to get them at school.

    Hendrickson said he wasn’t surprised.

    “My boys have come home with the exact same story,” he said. “Their friends try to get the carrots from my boys at school. … It’s great.” He added that he’s happy to be able to sell to some school districts, so hopefully all the children can get their fill.

    “The kids are crazy for a fresh, really good carrot,” he said.

    For good advice on growing carrots in Wisconsin, the UW Extension Learning Store has a helpful publication.

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