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On this week’s “Garden Talk,” Larry Meiller finds out what the most common plant diseases were in the past growing season.

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  • Celebrating The Life Of Shelley Ryan

    The staff of Wisconsin Public Radio is so sad to share the news that our dear friend and colleague at Wisconsin Public Radio, Shelley Ryan, passed away on Thursday, Jan. 16.

    Many people watched her as the “Wisconsin Gardener” on WPT over the last two decades. And listeners to “The Larry Meiller Show” loved when she appeared for “Garden Talk” segments. In fact, a couple years ago when Larry did an informal poll of which “Garden Talk” guests were the most popular with listeners, Shelley came out as the clear favorite.

    Brian Hudelson, the director of the Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Plant Pathology, said he enjoyed appearing with her.

    “I did a lot of episodes for her and it was really lovely to work with her,” he said.

    Hudelson said that he was “terrified” the first time he was scheduled to be on because he had never done television before, but Ryan put him at ease.

    “She was wonderful,” Hudelson said. “She made me feel really, really comfortable, and I had a wonderful time doing it. I think she sensed that. We got along really well, and we would give each other all kinds of grief. It was really fun to kind of gang up with her along with her film crew.”

    Lis Friemoth was previously a horticulturalist for Walworth County and now provides concierge horticulture services through her business, The Garden Hoe. She has fond memories of Ryan.

    “The thing I remember most about Shelley is that you could see her absolute delight in what she was doing on her face. She just shone … Her delight was just infectious,” she said.

    Friemoth recalled being on-site for a segment that Ryan was filming that involved her walking though puddles full of butterflies. Friemoth said Shelley was “giggling like a schoolgirl.”

    Meiller recalled Ryan’s “impish little smile,” which Friemoth described as “almost devilish.” Meiller added that Ryan’s eyebrow would raise “when she had something sneaky or devilish on her mind.” Hudelson agreed, saying “she could give it as well as take it. And it was so much fun playing back and forth with her.”

    Wisconsin Public Television published a lovely tribute to Shelley.

    Comments on the Larry Meiller Show Facebook page include the following:

    • From Jeanne: “So sad. I took several classes at Olbrich Gardens with Shelly as the teacher. The gardens in heaven will have a new gardener. She will be missed.”
    • From Amy: “Such a fine and knowledgeable lady! She was always generous with her expertise.”
    • From Brian: “What a wonderful symbol of Wisconsin.”
    • From Wendy: “What a wonderful individual who inspired so many gardeners. Her pleasant demeanor and helpful ideas always encouraged me. Thank you, Shelley, for your years of helping others become better gardeners.”
    • From Nathan: “she had a great way to show us and teach us so much.”
    • From Kari: “Will miss you, Shelley Ryan. Gardens all over wintery Wisconsin will save some spring beauty for you & in your memory.”

    Shelley Ryan’s last appearance as a guest on “Garden Talk” was just shy of a year ago, on Feb. 8, 2013. The archived program is available here.

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