Garden Talk: EAB Treatments And Soil Temperatures For Seed Success

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EAB, Macroscopic Solutions (CC-BY-NC)
Whether or not to treat ash trees to protect against the Emerald Ash Borer is not an easy decision for landowners.Photo: Macroscopic Solutions (CC-BY-NC).

Gardeners are anxious to get busy in the garden, but planting seeds too early can lead to bad results. Tune in to find out why the proper soil temperature is important. Plus, how to decide whether or not to inoculate trees against the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).

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  • Horticulturist: Be Proactive To Save Ash Trees From Borer

    Property ownesr who enjoy the shady canopy of ash trees on a sunny day should take preventative action now to protect those trees against the emerald ash borer, according to one horticulture expert.

    “We are, unfortunately, continuing to see (the emerald ash borer) progress across Dane County as well as other counties in the state,” said Lisa Johnson, a horticulture educator at the Dane County University of Wisconsin-Extension.

    If an ash tree exists within 15 miles of an emerald ash borer sighting, the tree should be treated to ensure survival, Johnson said.

    “There are a couple different insecticides you can use,” said Johnson.

    The most effective treatment, according to Johnson, is a commercial product called Tree-äge.

    “It is something that has to be injected by a company,” she said. “Most of the products available to homeowners are only good for one year, and some of them are … potentially more toxic.”

    Tree-äge, on the other hand, is known to be effective for up to three years, Johnson said. Because it is injected into the tree, it also doesn’t contaminate the soil.

    The Wisconsin Horticulture website offers a fact sheet explaining when ash trees should be treated against emerald ash borer, as well as tips for assessing whether a tree is worth saving.

    “You do need to make a decision to do something about your tree … if you want to keep it,” Johnson warned.

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