Exploring The Work Of Jim Flora, Author Of “Grandpa’s Ghost Stories”

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The children’s book, “Grandpa’s Ghost Stories” was first published in 1978 and details the story of a grandpa comforting his grandson during a storm by sharing tales of the scarier things that exist. The work, by Jim Flora, was recently reprinted.

Join us as we explore some of the spooky tales in the book – which include a talking bag of bones and a witch who turns boys into spiders – with our guest, the editor of JimFlora.com. We also learn more about the life and work of Flora, who also worked as a commercial artist.

Jim Flora fans, we want to hear from you! Is the book, “Grandpa’s Ghost Stories” something you read your children or grandchildren as part of your Halloween traditions? Which Jim Flora work is your favorite? Join us by emailing ideas@wpr.org, posting on The Ideas Network Facebook page and mentioning @lmeillershow on Twitter.

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