Caring For Your Eyes And Eyeglasses

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As we spend more time outdoors, it’s important we protect our eyes from the sun. Larry Meiller’s guest shares tips for caring for our eyes and eyewear, including how to choose appropriate prescription sunglasses.

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  • To Protect Your Eyes, Don't Just Wear Sunglasses — Wear A Hat, Expert Says

    Here’s a quick tip for those looking to soak up the summer sun: Sunglasses by themselves do not cut it for eye protection.

    “People think if they put on sunglasses they’re protecting their eyes,” said Jim La Luzerne, former CEO of WOS Optical in Green Bay. “Well, indeed they are, to a great extent, but you have to remember to get side and top protection as well.

    Wearing sunglasses causes a slight dilation of the pupil as a result of the dampening of bright light passing through the lenses. This, La Luzerne said, makes the eye more sensitive to the peripheral light that comes in over the top or through the sides of sunglasses.

    “That’s why a hat, in combination with prescription eyeglasses, is a very smart thing to do,” he said.

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