Buying Local Meat: Farmers Share Behind The Scenes Market Advice

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Choosing meats.
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Choosing between meats at the market can be a headache when it all seems to look the same. Larry Meiller and his guests talk about meat terminology and how to buy the best cuts. Plus, information on celebrating Wisconsin women farmers.

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  • The Case For Buying Meat From Farmers

    According to a pair of southern Wisconsin farmers, there’s a strong case to be made for buying meat from farmers whenever possible.

    For one thing, customers who buy meat from a farm are given complete access to both the animals and farming practices, according to Jen Riemer, who runs Riemer Family Farm outside Brodhead.

    “I really believe it’s important, especially with meat, to know your farmer. When meat is in the general grocery store, you really don’t know what kind of animal it came off of, how that animal was treated, what that animal ate,” said Riemer

    In that sense, farmers markets present a great opportunity for consumers to have access to the farmer responsible for what they eat — something they can’t get in the grocery store.

    “If you can shake the farmer’s hand, that’s what’s truly important, I think,” said Riemer.

    Buying meat from farmers can also have financial upsides, said Riemer. Because there is no middle man or any other channel between customer and vendor at a farmers market, that can result in reduced prices for meat cuts.

    According to Lisa Kivirist, who runs Inn Serendipity Farm and B&B outside Monroe, buying meat from a farm can also enable consumers to save by getting them to think of meat as more of a treat, and less as a main dish.

    “We tend to be very meat-heavy in our diet. And to look at other cultures — like traditional Mexican cuisine, where meat is used as a condiment and it enhances a meal versus dominates a meal — really changes the price structure on that,” said Kivirist.

    There is also value in simple learning about meat, according to Kivirist. She said that as a former vegetarian she has learned a lot from farmers like Riemer.

    “It’s not just a steak. You know, there are so many different cuts of meat. There’s so many different ways to prepare it if you think ahead a little bit and you plan your meals,” said Kivirist.

    She noted that simply seeking out recipes that use less expensive cuts has the potential to stretch meat budgets with very little work.

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