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Started in 1931, “Chapter a Day” is WPR’s longest-running program. Jim Fleming, Norman Gilliland, Michele Good, Melvin Hinton, Baron Kelly and Susan Sweeney read a chapter from a book for a half hour each weekday. Genres are predominately contemporary and range from works of fiction, history and biography.


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Book Cover for "The Land Remembers: The Story Of A Farm And Its People" by Ben Logan


The Land Remembers: The Story Of A Farm And Its People by Ben Logan

Monday, May 20 through Friday, June 7, 2024
Read by Karl Schmidt.

This is a story about a farm and its people, of a hilltop world in the 1930s in southwestern Wisconsin. Ben Logan grew up on a farm with his three brothers, father, mother, and farmhand Lyle, the fifth Logan boy, and marked the seasons by the demands of the land. The boys discussed and argued and joked over the events around their hilltop farm, testing each other and themselves as they learned the lessons of the farm and growing up. This beautiful story is now reunited with a never-before published Afterword that traces the land to an earlier time and brings the story full-circle to the farm and its people.

(University of Wisconsin Press; ISBN-10: 299309045)

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Book Cover for "Remarkably Bright Creatures" by Shelby Van Pelt

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