Zeroing in on Wisconsin’s Cuts To Environmental Funding, Boy Scouts of America File for Bankruptcy

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In this Oct. 3, 2009 photo, Ted Corr, Unit Commissioner with the Forks of the Delaware district of the Minis Trails Council gestures as he is interviewed at Boy Scout camp at Camp Minsi in Pocono Summit, Pa. Ted is the father of Warren Corr and the grandfather of Bradley Corr, all three are Boy Scouts. As the Boy Scouts of America heads toward its 100th anniversary in February, its first century adds up to a remarkable saga, full of achievement, complexity and contradiction. (Carolyn Kaster/ AP Photo)

Wisconsin has cut a lot of environmental protection funding in the last 10 years– the most of any state in fact. We hear about a new report that takes a deep dive into where those cuts were made and how that’s made an impact throughout the state. We also discuss the recent announcement of declared bankruptcy of the Boy Scouts of America organization.

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  • A Look At A New Report Detailing Wisconsin's Cuts To Environmental Protection Funding

    Over the past 10 years, no other state made deeper cuts by percentage to environmental protection funding than Wisconsin. We check out a recent report on what those reductions looked like and how they affected public health in our state.

  • What Boy Scouts' Bankruptcy Filing Means For The Organization, Local Councils

    The Boy Scouts of America recently filed for bankruptcy as it faces scores of sexual abuse lawsuits. We look at the extent of the accusations, what the filing means and how it may affect local Boy Scout councils throughout the nation.

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