Youth distaste for Capitalism, New student loan relief plan from Biden, World change through birding

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Binoculars rest on a bird identification book open to a page on owls. Diane Helentjaris

A Washington Post columnist explains why many people under 40 have lost faith in America’s economic system. Then we learn how President Joe Biden’s latest attempt to relieve student loan debt would work. And the author of a new memoir talks about the community benefits of birding.

Featured in this Episode

  • Why young people hate Capitalism

    We delve into why many workers under 40 are disillusioned with the promises of capitalism, and how people’s relationship to work has changed over time.

  • Biden announces new student loan relief plan

    While visiting Wisconsin earlier this week, President Joe Biden announced a new plan that would cancel student loan debt for more than 30 million Americans. We talk to an expert on higher education finance about the likelihood of the plan going into effect, and who it would help if it did.

  • What we can learn from birds

    An environmental educator and bird enthusiast shares insights from her new memoir “Birding to Change the World,” which tells the story of a Wisconsin community coming together to save a local park.

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