Your Best Cooking Of 2019, Kenosha Human Trafficking Case, Grading Gov. Evers

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cooking class, Jeff Kubina (CC-BY-SA)
A cooking class can be a fun and informative winter activity. Photo: Jeff Kubina (CC-BY-SA).

For Food Friday, we talk with a food expert about top cooking accomplishments of the year and ask for listener stories as well. Then we learn more about the case of a Kenosha teenager who’s facing consequences for killing her alleged sex trafficker. And we ask for your grades of Gov. Tony Evers.

Featured in this Show

  • Food Friday: Your 2019 Cooking Successes (And Lessons Learned)

    Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen joins us to talk about the year in cooking — hers, and yours! Whether you cook nightly, weekly or monthly, we want to know what was your favorite kitchen success this year (or maybe your favorite learning lesson from something less successful).

  • Wisconsin Teen Faces Life In Prison For Killing Her Alleged Sex Trafficker

    Kenosha teenager Chrystul Kizer is facing life in prison for the killing of Randy Volar, a man who allegedly abused and trafficked her. We talk to reporter about the case and how it shines a light on the justice system and child sex trafficking.

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