The Year In Washington, Coming Together With Food

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According to a recent report, 2014 has been the least-productive year in Congress in four decades. We look back on the year in Congress, and then learn about communities coming together through food.

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  • A Look Back At The Least Productive Congress Since 1973

    It’s the end of the year, and Legislators have packed up and left Washington. According to GovTrack.US, the 113th United States Congress was the least productive since 1973. They also set a new record for unpopularity, scoring a 9 percent approval rating in November 2013.

    Lawmakers did pass a Veterans Affairs reform bill, and a last minute spending bill to keep the government open through the next fiscal year. They also made steps toward an NSA reform bill, which died in the Senate. However, they punted on big issues like immigration and tax reform.

  • Food Friday: A Peek Inside 'Hidden Kitchens'

    Food has been at the heart of cultural traditions around the world for centuries. The Kitchen Sisters bring these stories to you on NPR and through their podcast, “Hidden Kitchens.” This week, The Kitchen Sisters join us on “Food Friday” to share how communities come together through food.

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