The Year In State Politics, The Best Science Stories Of 2018

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We reflect on some of the big issues in politics in 2018 and get a sense of what both parties have in store for the coming year. We also talk with science reporters about some of the most fascinating stories in the field this year.

Featured in this Show

  • Top Democratic Senator Lays Out Priorities For 2019

    With the state facing divided government for at least the next two years, we examine the priorities of legislative Democrats. Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling discusses the future of school and transportation funding, healthcare, redistricting and other issues.

  • State Republicans Lay Out Ambitions Despite Divded Government

    Despite a new Democratic governor and attorney general, state Republicans will maintain wide majorities in the Assembly and the Senate. We talk with Joint Finance Committee Co-Chair John Nygren about the GOP’s priorities for 2019, including the opioid epidemic, redistricting and other matters.

  • A Look At Some Of The Biggest Science News Of 2018

    This year NASA engineers successfully guided another lander to explore the Martian landscape. Researchers discovered a kind of corn that can fertilize itself by pulling nitrogen from the air. And paleontologists discovered the largest known dinosaur to have ever roamed on land. These are just a few examples of the biggest science news in 2018. We talk about these stories and more with Anna Groves and Bill Andrews of Discover Magazine.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Derrell Connor Host
  • Bill Martens Producer
  • J. Carlisle Larsen Producer
  • Jennifer Shilling Guest
  • John Nygren Guest
  • Anna Groves Guest
  • Bill Andrews Guest

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