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Danielle Sigler writes on a whiteboard at work, her face is covered with a mask
Danielle Sigler, the nursing home administrator at Ingleside Communities in Mount Horeb, Wis., has had to manage multiple COVID-19 infections among residents and staff — including herself. Sigler says she had to get creative to allow staff to take extra time off or modify their work to accommodate employees struggling with Long COVID. Sigler herself continues to suffer the effects of contracting the virus back in November 2020. She is photographed at work in Mount Horeb on Aug. 5, 2022. Coburn Dukehart / Wisconsin Watch

The Florida governor says he’s banning an AP African-American studies pilot course in the state. We learn more about the course and the backlash. We also talk about new data showing a large percentage of people feel disengaged at their workplaces.

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  • Poll Finds Most American Workers Disengaged From Their Work

    A solid majority of Americans say they feel disengaged from their jobs, according to a recent Gallup survey–and those numbers are going up over time. We’ll find out what could be driving those trends, and what it all means for individual happiness and workplace success.

  • Banning African American Studies, DEI, and CRT

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants to ban Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs at state colleges. This follows his ban on a pilot AP African American Studies course. We look at what this means to higher education and the ramifications for Wisconsin.

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