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Today, baby monitoring devices can measure the heart rate and oxygen levels of infants at all times, but is this going too far? Our guest talks about the latest gadgets for parents, and how they’re changing the way we raise children. During Food Friday, we explore the the vibrancy of India’s vegetarian cuisine and learn some recipes. We’ll also find out why some believe Governor Walker’s budget will make it harder for employees to file workplace discrimination claims.

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  • Workplace Discrimination Claims Could Be Harder To Pursue Under Walker's Budget

    According to a new Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report, provisions in Governor Walker’s budget could make it harder to pursue workplace discrimination claims. We’ll find out how it might be more costly to people filing claims, and why supporters say it’s still a good idea.

  • Has Baby Monitoring Gone Too Far?

    In 1937 the Zenith Radio Corporation came out with a product called the “Radio Nurse”, a crude plastic transmitter and receiver set that is widely considered the world’s first baby monitor.

    80 years later and we’re now able to buy infant smart socks that track our child’s heart rate and oxygen levels and send instant updates to our smart phone. But have we gone too far? We talk to a writer about the latest gadgets for parents, and if they may be changing the way we raise our children.

  • Food Friday: Vibrant India: Fresh Vegetarian Recipes From Bangalore To Brooklyn

    This Food Friday, we talk about bringing South Indian flavors to your kitchen. Chef Chitra Agrawal shares vegetarian recipes from her new cookbook, Vibrant India, which was inspired by her mother’s hometown of Bangalore.

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