Working Through Grief, Astronomy Tips, Push To Defund Police Departments

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Stargazing Moon Night Astronomy Telescope
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The push to defund police departments has gained steam during the last week of protests. We talk more about what it really means. We also talk with an astronomer about this month’s stargazing highlights. Plus, a community-based project to help people process grief.

Featured in this Show

  • Working Through Grief As A Community

    We’re joined by co-founders of a website dedicated to helping people manage grief. We talk to them about their project, and how it’s helped them and others.

  • Space News: Black Holes, Radio Waves, And More

    Astronomers have discovered the closest black hole to Earth and it’s only 1,000 light years away. We’ll talk to a science writer about this and other space news.

  • What Does Defunding Police Forces Look Like?

    Calls to cut funding for police departments – and in some cases, abolish them – have risen in recent days after the death of George Floyd. We look at what both options would involve and what they would mean for the communities police serve.

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  • Bill Martens Producer
  • Litsa Williams Guest
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  • Jacqueline Helfgott Guest
  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director

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