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The Telemark Lodge in Cable, Wisconsin was a prime winter vacation spot during the 1960s and 70s, and may soon be reopened as a year-round retreat. We learn about the history of the lodge and what it means to the Cable area. Smart devices can control everything in our home from the temperature to the locks. We look at some of the newest gadgets and the privacy concerns they come with. Plus, an investigative report about worker’s compensation in Wisconsin.

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  • Why Injured Wisconsin Workers Have Trouble Getting Compensation

    New reporting shows that under a panel Governor Scott Walker appointed, appeals of worker’s compensation decisions have risen…and a study shows more injured workers lost. We talk to an investigative reporter and a Wisconsin-based worker’s compensation attorney about why injured workers have had a harder time getting compensation.

  • Renovation In The Works For Cable's Telemark Lodge

    The Telemark Lodge in Cable, Wisconsin was a prime destination for winter vacationers in the 1970s and 80s, but it’s been shuttered since 2013. Now, a developer has plans to renovate and reopen the lodge as a year-round resort. We look back at the history of Telemark and what’s in store for its future.

  • Smart Home Devices: Where To Start?

    From controlling the climate in your home, to unlocking your front door, smart devices are changing the way we live. We’ll talk with a technology reporter about making your home a smart home, and the privacy issues this technology may invite.

    Does new technology excite you, or make you break out into a cold sweat? Are there tech gifts on your list to buy for others, or that you’re hoping to get? What questions do you have about the new world of tech at home?

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