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The Milwaukee Public Museum will relocate to a new building in downtown Milwaukee. It is expected to open in early 2027. Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Public Museum.

A medical historian shares how the health industry put women’s health issues on a lower tier for many decades. Two married relationship experts talk about how to “fight right” with your partner. Plus, we chat with the author of a new walking guide to Milwaukee history.

Featured in this Episode

  • How women's health care developed in America

    A medical historian tells us about how treatment of women’s health today has been shaped by generations of oppression, ignorance, and indifference towards female bodies from health practitioners —mostly male ones.

  • Can arguments help strengthen a relationship?

    Far from being a relationship-ender, fights and conflict can deepen intimacy in a relationship if you take the right approach. We talk to world-renowned relationship therapists Julie and John Gottman about their new book, Fight Right: How Successful Couples Turn Conflict Into Connection.

  • Walking through Milwaukee's history

    Milwaukee historian John Gurda talks with us about his newest guidebook, which takes people on a walking tour of his home city.

Episode Credits

  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • John Gottman Guest
  • Julie Schwartz Gottman Guest
  • John Gurda Guest
  • Kristen C. Heller Guest

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