Women And ‘Niceness’ In The Workplace, Wisconsin’s First Official Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Supporting Black Women

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Women can struggle to balance being seen as too meek or too agressive at work. A leadership coach offers advice. Governor Evers has declared Columbus Day to now be Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the state. We’ll talk about the significance. And we’ll check in on an effort to help Black women succeed.

Featured in this Show

  • How Women Can Avoid Being Dismissed As 'Nice' In The Workplace

    Women often find it hard to strike a balance in the workplace between being dismissed as “nice,” and being viewed as too assertive if they advocate for themselves. An expert in leadership development for women shares tips and techniques on finding the right approach.

  • For The First Time It's Columbus – And Indigenous Peoples' – Day In Wisconsin

    In addition to being Columbus Day, Gov. Tony Evers has declared the second Monday in October Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Wisconsin. We look at Evers’ executive order and the push by Native Americans to have their historical and cultural significance recognized.

  • Sabrina Madison Of The Progress Center For Black Women

    Sabrina Madison has been working to help develop African American women leaders in Wisconsin for several years. We talk to her about how the last year has gone since establishing a new physical base of operations, and goals for the future of her Progress Center for Black Women.

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  • Sabrina Madison Guest

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