Wolf Tracking, UW-Milwaukee Scientists Involved In Nobel-Winning Research, Iran Nuclear Deal

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Last year’s project to detect gravitational waves for the first time was recently awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics, and a team of UW-Milwaukee scientists played a big role in the research. We talk to the head of the team about their work and a new discovery announced today. We also look at what’s next for the Iran nuclear deal, after President Trump’s disavowal of the international agreement. Plus, we hear how the Lake Superior Chippewa are tagging and tracking grey wolves.

Featured in this Show

  • Red Cliff Band Gathering Data On Gray Wolf Population

    Thanks to a grant from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa is gathering advanced data on the gray wolf population through collaring and satellite tracking.

  • UW-Milwaukee Scientists Work On Gravitational Wave Discoveries

    Last year’s detection of gravitational waves was recently awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics, and scientists from UW-Milwaukee were a key part of the research. They were also heavily involved in today’s announcement that gravitational waves measured earlier this year originated from the collision of two neutron stars, the first time astronomers have observed such an event. We talk to a member of the UWM team about their role in the research and how the discoveries are changing the way we observe the cosmos.

  • Trump Moves To Decertify, But Not Terminate, Iran Nuclear Deal

    Last week, President Trump announced the United States will disavow the international nuclear deal with Iran, but stopped short of ending of the deal. What does that mean? An expert on nuclear proliferation breaks down where the President and Congress go from here.

    What are your thoughts on US-Iranian relations? Do you agree with the President’s position? What approach do you hope that Congress will take?

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