Wolf Management Bill, Menstrual Equity Bill, New Blood Pressure Standards

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A new bill would eliminate wolf management efforts in Wisconsin if the animal remains on the federal endangered species list. One of the bill’s authors is with us to discuss why he thinks it’s needed. We also talk with a state lawmaker about her bill that would remove a tax on feminine hygiene products and increase access to them. With new blood pressure guidelines being released, we find out what it means for how we view our health.

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  • Wisconsin Lawmaker Reintroduces Bills Involving Feminine Hygiene Products

    Products like tampons and pads would be exempt from state sales tax in Wisconsin under a proposal being reintroduced by a state lawmaker. The measure, along with another reintroduced bill that would require state-run buildings to offer feminine hygiene products, make up of The Hygiene Product Accessibility Act.

    Join us as we talk with the author of the act, why she thinks these measures and menstrual equality are needed in Wisconsin and find out what’s ahead as the legislative process proceeds.

    Listeners, let us know: do you think tampons and sanitary napkins should be exempted from state sales tax? Why or why not? What needs to happen to increase accessibility to menstrual products in the state? You can weigh in by emailing ideas@wpr.org, posting on The Ideas Network Facebook page and mentioning @centraltimewpr on Twitter.

  • Wolf Management In Wisconsin Would End Under New Bill

    A bill proposed by northern Wisconsin lawmakers would end the DNR’s work to manage the state’s gray wolf population and remove penalties for hunting wolves unless the federal government delists them as an endangered species. One of the bill’s authors talks with us about what it would accomplish and why he thinks it’s needed.

  • What Do New Blood Pressure Guidelines Mean For You?

    The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology will now consider an adult with a blood pressure reading of 130 over 80 as having “Stage 1 High Blood Pressure.” That’s down from 140 over 90…and means that nearly half of American adults will now have high blood pressure. A public health expert explains the changes, and what they could mean for you.

    What do you think about this shift? Do you think that such a large percentage of the US public now falling into this category will advance public health efforts, or will lead to people feeling like it is a hopeless situation?

    Let us know by emailing ideas@wpr.org

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