Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law In Federal Court Monday, Middleton’s Eco-Friendly Nuns

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Catholic nuns in Middleton living in an eco-friendly monastery believe going green isn’t just a trend; it’s the right thing to do. We’re joined by a member of the monastery to explore the importance of sustainability. We also talk to a political scientist about the arguments in federal court Monday to expand the types of identification cards accepted by the state to vote.

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  • Wisconsin's Voter ID Law In Federal Court Monday

    On Monday, Wisconsin’s voter ID law is in federal court in Miwlaukee. The American Civil Liberties Union is trying to expand the types of identification cards the state accepts for voting. A political scientist breaks down this case and puts it in a broader context.

  • Wisconsin Life: Eco-Nuns

    In today’s Wisconsin Life, we’ll be talking to a Benedictine Sister in Wisconsin about her monastery’s environmentally conscious efforts to improve the land and surrounding habitat in their community.

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