Wisconsin’s Role In The Race To The White House, Photos Of The “One Percent,” Southern Wisconsin Bobcat Sightings, And Wind Turbine Woes In Brown County

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Income inequality is an issue that has garnered a lot of headlines in recent years, and the gap between the wealthiest and poorest members of society continues to grow. Our guest tells us of his experience photographing each group of people in hopes of starting a bigger conversation. We also learn about the rise in bobcat sightings in southern Wisconsin. Also, Wisconsin could play a big role in the upcoming presidential race and Brown County residents have some figurative (and maybe literal) headaches when it comes to a local wind farm.

Featured in this Show

  • Wisconsin In National Politics: How Trump, Sanders Will Do In The State

    The Wisconsin primary is just around the corner and presidential contenders are vying to win the state as we get closer to the summer conventions. We speak with Craig Gilbert, Washington Bureau Chief for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and blogger for “Wisconsin Votes”, about what we could potentially see from the candidates and the voters.

  • Documenting The World's Extremes In Poverty And Wealth

    We live in a time of increasing wealth disparities. Our guest takes us through a photography project that’s out to highlight extremes of wealth and poverty in the United States and the world.

  • Bobcat Sightings Are Up In Southern Wisconsin

    WPR’s Eau Claire reporter joins us to talk about the uptick of bobcat sightings in southern Wisconsin and what it might say about the state’s overall bobcat population.

  • Opponents Says Wind Farm In Brown County Causes Headaches And Other Health Concerns

    Wind farms have been held in high esteem for being a source for clean, renewable energy. But opponents to the farms allege that the turbines can have unintended health consequences for people living around them. We speak with a reporter who has been covering the controversy in Brown County.

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