Wisconsin’s New Homelessness Plan, America Has History Of Distrusting Immigrants, Who You Really Must Give Gifts To

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US commercial/ political cartoon: Uncle Sam kicks out the Chinaman, referring both to the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, and also to the “Magic Washer.” The actual purpose of the poster was to promote the “George Dee Magic Washer,” which the machine’s manufacturers clearly hoped would displace Chinese laundry operators. Image published in 1886 and now in Public Domain.

A state council has introduced a new plan to address homelessness in Wisconsin. We look at what it does and the impact it could make. Then, the author of a new book explains how America, a nation of immigrants, has never been too friendly with the millions of people who have come to the U.S. We also discuss when it’s appropriate to give a Christmas gift and when it’s not.

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  • A Take On New State Plan To Address Homelessness In Wisconsin

    A state council is unveiling a new plan to combat Wisconsin’s homelessness problem. It employs a principle known as “Housing First,” which puts chronically homeless people in permanent housing with support services – without requiring them to be free of addictions and convictions. It also prioritizes case management. We talk with a homelessness advocate about the plan and the additional measures he says may be necessary.

  • America's History Of Demonizing, Excluding Immigrants

    Despite America’s reputation as a land of opportunity for immigrants, those trying to make a new life in the United States have long been demonized and excluded. We talk with the author of a new book on the history of the country’s reaction to new residents.

  • What Are Your Holiday Gift-Giving And Tipping Etiquette Questions?

    Is it proper etiquette to give somebody a gift just because they gave you one? How should you respond if you’re given a gift you don’t like? And how much should you tip service providers? We discuss these and other etiquette quandaries that pop up during the holiday seasons.

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