Wisconsin’s French history and culture, Why we connect with TV sitcom families

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Carvings in a medieval burial site in Rouen, France. In the 14th century, three-quarters of the local population died of the Black Death. Creative Commons

WPR’s WHYsconsin series asks why the state has many cities named in French but not as much French culture that lingers. Then, a television and pop culture expert joins us to discuss what makes for a successful TV sitcom family

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  • WHYsconsin: Why so many (mispronounced) French names in Wisconsin… But not so much French culture?

    Wisconsin is full of French place-names like Prairie du Sac, Racine and Butte des Morts – even though we don’t say them the French way. A linguist explains. Then, we talk to a historian about why there are so many French names in Wisconsin, but not many people of French ancestry.

    This segment was inspired by an audience question as part of the WHYsconsin project. Submit your question at wpr.org/WHYsconsin and we might answer it in a future story.

  • Which TV sitcom family would you want to be a part of?

    A new survey about America’s favorite television sitcoms and sitcom families got us thinking: Which one would you most like to be a part of and why? We talk about what makes for a great sitcom family and welcome your thoughts on which one you’d like to be in.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director
  • Colleen Leahy Producer
  • Bill Martens Producer
  • Joe Salmons Guest
  • Gabrielle Verdier Guest
  • Robert Thompson Guest

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