Wisconsin’s Decreased Prison And Jail Populations, New Ho-Chunk Casino Approved, Enduring Neurological Effects From Covid-19

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A large fence and observation tower can be seen across a parking lot
As of Tuesday, Oshkosh Correctional Institution had the most confirmed cases of COVID-19 of any facility in the state prison system. Angela Major/WPR

A policy researcher and law professor discuss how decreased jail and prison inmates in Wisconsin in 2020 could be a setting for looking at implementing reforms for incarceration. Then a WPR reporter shares some more details about a new Ho-Chunk casino planned for Beloit. And a neurology expert shares some results of research she worked on related to long-term mental complications from the disease caused by coronavirus.

Featured in this Show

  • What's Behind 2020 Declines In Wisconsin Jail And Prison Inmate Numbers

    We learn about the links between the pandemic and lower prison and jail populations in Wisconsin, and what opportunities this may present for encarceration reforms.

  • A Look At Proposed Casino Project In Beloit

    Gov. Tony Evers has given the green light to a proposed Ho-Chunk Nation casino complex in Beloit. We take a look at the scope of the $405 million project.

  • New Study Looks At Neurological Effects Of Covid-19 In Long-Haul Patients

    A new study looks at patients who had a mild case of Covid-19 but later developed chronic neurological symptoms including headaches, dizziness, muscle pain and forgetfulness. One of the study’s co-authors explains the findings and what they reveal about how the disease affects the brain and nervous system.

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