Wisconsin’s Child Care Needs, Cooking With Kids

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Chef Lily Kilfoy teaching young children to cook at classes held in a local library
Chef Lily Kilfoy teaches children of all ages to cook at classes held in local libraries. Image courtesy of Madison Public Library

President Joe Biden has proposed billions of dollars in new spending, geared in part towards boosting childcare. An expert joins the show to talk about how the funding could impact Wisconsin. Then, we talk about recipes that are great for cooking with kids on this week’s edition of Food Friday.

Featured in this Show

  • How President Biden's Child Care Plans Would Affect Wisconsinites

    An expert explains how President Biden’s proposed $1.8 trillion American Families Plan would impact Wisconsin.

  • Food Friday: Cooking With Kids

    A love of cooking often starts by getting involved at a young age with our parents in the kitchen. We talk with a Madison cooking instructor about how to welcome kids into the cooking process and let them use their imagination to whip up healthy dishes.

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