Wisconsin’s Best Sports Team Names, Are Millennials The Saviors Of Marriage?, The Dow Jones Drops More Than 1300 Points

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Millennials have been blamed for “killing” lots of things. But now they’re being credited as the saviors of something — marriage. We learn about how divorce rates are declining, but the reasons are nuanced. We also explore the quirkiest mascots and team names for Wisconsin schools. And the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 1300 points starting on Wednesday, we’ll look at what happened.

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  • The Dow Jones Falls More Than 800 Points As Interest Rates Increase

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 831 points Wednesday marking one of the first significant stumbles on during a prolonged bull market. President Trump blamed the drop on the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, but other factors–such as Tropical Storm Michael battered the southern coast and tariffs continue to press trade–are having an impact as well. We speak with Akane Otani of the Wall Street Journal about the Dow Jones drop and what it might mean heading into the future.

  • Wisconsin's Most Memorable, Quirky High School Mascots

    From the Oredockers of Ashland to the Cheesemakers of Monroe, Wisconsin has plenty of memorable high school mascots. We learn the history behind some of the most unique, fun, and seemingly inexplicable.

  • Young People's Role In The Declining Divorce Rate In The U.S.

    The U.S. divorce rate has dropped and a new analysis shows that young people may have a hand in it. We talk with a researcher who looks at contemporary families about the state of marriage, cohabiting and divorce in the United States.

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