Wisconsin’s Attorney General On New Program To Protect Domestic Violence Victims, What Happens In Your Brain When You Encounter An Ex, Recent Arrest Of Black Student In Madison High School

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Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel shares details of a new program that provides confidential mailing addresses to victims of domestic violence. Running into an ex can be stressful, we find out what goes on in our brains when it happens. And the recent arrest of a teenaged Black girl at Madison East high school has fueled calls for reform of police procedures in schools.

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  • New Program Gives Wisconsin Crime Victims Confidential Addresses

    A new program in Wisconsin gives crime victims confidential mailing addresses. We talk to Attorney General Brad Schimel about the new program, which received bipartisan support.

  • What Happens In Your Brain When You Meet Up With An Ex

    Meeting up with an old flame can send someone on a roller coaster of emotions, depending on how the relationship evolved…and devolved. We talk to a health writer who explored how meeting up with an ex affects your brain, just as she was planning to catch up with an ex-boyfriend.

  • After A Student Was Arrested For Fighting, A Community Debates Having Police In Schools

    A Madison high school student is facing criminal charges after she got into an altercation at school over a week ago. Community organizations have said the charges are excessive and unnecessary and have also called for the removal of school police officers, or EROs. We talk to two guests about having law enforcement on school grounds, and who it helps and who it hurts.

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