Wisconsin youth incarceration, Retirement expectations and reality

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a photo of a new prison in Milwaukee
A new Milwaukee youth prison will be completed and open by 2026. 

A youth incarceration expert explains why Wisconsin has one of the highest rates of prisoners incarcerated for crimes they committed as minors. Then, a retirement finance expert helps us better manage our expectations for retirement, compared to reality.

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  • Why Wisconsin has so many people incarcerated for crimes they committed as youth

    A new report finds that Wisconsin has the second-highest percentage in the nation of prisoners incarcerated for crimes they committed as minors. An expert explains.

  • Our retirement expectations don't always match up to reality

    Many people say they plan to work after retirement, but far fewer people actually do. That’s just one finding of a new survey that shows a mismatch between our beliefs about retirement and the reality for retired people. An expert on finance and retirement issues joins the show with advice.

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