Wisconsin Waterways, Verbal Tee-Ups, 3 Myths Of Global Poverty

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Rob Ferrett and Cynthia Schuster look at impaired waters in Wisconsin, talk about common verbal tee-ups, and what we’re actually saying when we use them, and speak with a guest who breaks down some of the myths of global poverty.

Featured in this Show

  • Some Common Phrases Signal Dishonesty

    Certain common phrases, like “to be perfectly honest” and “I just want you to know,” could signal dishonesty or bad news. A writer discusses why we use these phrases and how to remove them from your speech.

  • Myths Of Global Poverty

    Poor countries are doomed to stay poor, and foreign aid money is wasted. Those are commonly-held beliefs–but they’re myths, according to an expert on global poverty.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Cynthia Schuster Host
  • Amanda Magnus Producer
  • Gargee Ghosh Guest

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