Wisconsin Special Election Legal Order Update, African American Women Running For Office, Cooking With Maple Syrup

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Although nineteen African American women hold seats in Congress, a new report shows that black women are still underrepresented. We talk with the co-founder of the organization that issued the report. We also talk with a chef who has some ideas for maple syrup cooking outside of the usual pancake plate, and discuss a judge’s order on special elections to fill two state legislative seats in Wisconsin.

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  • Judge Says State Needs To Hold Special Elections To Fill Vacancies, Senate Leader Calls For A Bill To Block Order

    Dane County Judge Josann Reynolds ruled yesterday that the state must hold special elections to fill two open seats in the state legislature. Governor Walker originally argued that the elections would be too costly for taxpayers and the people elected wouldn’t really get to serve in office because of the legislative schedule. However, lawsuits brought against the state argue that the voting rights of people in those districts were being infringed upon by the decision. Since the announcement yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said that he wants a bill to block the elections. We speak to WPR Capitol Bureau Chief Shawn Johnson about the political ramifications. We also talk to Scott Gordon of WisContext about the legal precedence of the lawsuits against the state.

  • Initiative Aims To Encourage More Black Women To Run For Office

    According to a new report, Black women are largely underrepresented in elected office, both at the state and federal levels. But the 2018 midterm election could see some shifts in the makeup of the American electoral body. We speak with Glynda Carr, co-founder of Higher Heights for America, joins us to talk about what her organization is doing to encourage more Black women to run for office.

  • Food Friday: Maple Syrup– Not Just For Pancakes!

    It’s tapping season! Maple syrup makers are busy boiling their sap down to some quality syrup. If you like syrup so much that you’re looking for ways to use it in things besides pancakes, this Food Friday will be of your interest! We talk to a New England native who has his own cookbook and his own product line dedicated to the ingredient.

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  • J. Carlisle Larsen Producer
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