Wisconsin Seeking Mandatory Drug Testing For Medicaid Applicants, Attorney Says Avery Case Reveals Wisconsin’s Broken Justice System

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Last year’s Netflix series “Making a Murderer” brought worldwide attention to the murder trial of Steven Avery. We talk to a defense attorney who says the case reveals critical flaws in Wisconsin’s justice system as a whole. Wisconsin has applied for a waiver to begin drug testing people seeking Medicaid coverage. We’ll speak to an expert about what impact this could have on people throughout the state.

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  • Wisconsin Seeking Mandatory Drug Testing For Medicaid Applicants

    Wisconsin has applied for a waiver that would allow the state to require drug tests from Medicaid applicants. We speak with Professor Jamila Michener about the news and what it could mean for public health care policy.

  • Attorney: 'Making A Murderer' Reveals Flaws In Wisconsin Justice System

    The Netflix series on Steven Avery’s conviction captured international attention. A defense attorney says we should look beyond the case–to see what he calls a “broken system” of criminal justice in Wisconsin.

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