Wisconsin Relief Worker, ‘Princess Bride’ Reflections, Body Camera Study

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A Wisconsin Red Cross volunteer has spent the last few months assisting disaster victims in Texas, Florida, and California. She joins us to talk about her travels and the work she’s done. A year-long study of body cameras work by the Washington D.C. police department found no change in the use of force or in citizen complaints. We discuss why and how the results compare to the rest of the nation. We also hear from one of the stars of “The Princess Bride” about his memories on the set of the iconic comedy.

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  • Wisconsin Relief Volunteer Has Helped In Several Disasters So Far This Year

    A Wisconsin volunteer shares her experiences as a disaster aid worker. She’s been deployed to several locations already this year, including Texas, Florida and California.

  • Cary Elwes: 'As You Wish'

    Actor and star of “The Princess Bride” Cary Elwes is visiting Wisconsin to talk about his experiences filming the iconic movie. We discuss the making of the movie, and why it is still cherished today.

  • Washington D.C. Study Shows Body Cameras Not Changing Police Behavior

    A study involving thousands of Washington D.C. police officers found that body worn cameras had no effect on officers’ use of force or citizen complaints, causing many to question whether the programs are worth the cost. Our guest has researched body camera policies from departments around the country. He breaks down the results of the latest study, looks at how it compares to other cities, and offers thoughts on what measures could make body cameras more effective.

    What are your thoughts on police officers wearing body cameras? Do you think it affects the behavior of law enforcement, or of suspects? Who should decide whether police in a certain municipality wears them?

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