Wisconsin Political Winners And Losers From Last Year, Looking Back At Consumer Shipping Trends

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Wisconsin State Capitol Building During Winter
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A political columnist joins us to discuss some of the political hits and misses he observed in Wisconsin last year. And we talk with a marketing professor about what last year looked like for vendors trying to ship goods to customers.

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  • Wisconsin's Political Winners And Losers Of 2020

    According to our guest, nobody won in 2020, but some state politicians fared better than others. We look at his list of winners and losers from the past year, including Gov. Tony Evers, the state Legislature, mega donors, poll workers and more.

  • How Shipping Companies Adapted To A Boom In Online Shopping During The Pandemic

    2020 was a challenging year for shipping companies and retailers wanting to get their goods to consumers in a timely fashion. We talk with an online retail expert about who handled the holiday season well, what options people are choosing for shipping, and how Amazon is impacting the business.

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