Wisconsin News Roundup, UW Microbiome Research

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A group of scientists believes the study of microorganisms could help solve world problems like hunger and disease. A researcher explains why microbiomes are so important to these issues. We also review the biggest stories from around the state this week during our Wisconsin News Roundup.

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  • State News Roundup For December 11, 2015

    A state news editor joins us to talk about abuse claims at a state prison, an ongoing investigation into a hostage situation in Neenah and other headlines from around Wisconsin this week.

  • Hunger, Pollution, and Health: Finding The Fix In Microbiomes

    The solution to problems like world hunger, disease, and energy needs could come from the dynamic world of microorganisms. A UW-Madison researcher talks about a new effort to bring together efforts around the world to solve some of the biggest challenges facing humankind.

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