Wisconsin News Roundup, Tracking Endangered Species In The Upper Midwest, Update On Lincoln Hills

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A science reporter has published a new book that explores what studying endangered species can tell us about the world around us and our own world. We talk to the author about his Midwest explorations. We also catch up on the week’s Wisconsin news and hear about changing news about Lincoln Hills Juvenile Prison.

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  • State News Roundup For March 16th, 2018

    Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has introduced legislation that would prevent one house of the legislature from delaying passage of the state budget. We check in on that, and other top news stories, with a capitol reporter.

  • Tracking Endangered Species In The Upper Midwest

    There are 23 species in Wisconsin that are listed as endangered or threatened, including the gray wolf, Higgins eye mussel and prairie bush-clover. Our guest discusses what endangered species tell us about our part of the world – and ourselves.

  • State Senate Passes Scaled Back Version Of Bill To Close Lincoln Hills

    Last month, state Assembly members wrote a bill to close Lincoln Hills Youth Prison and create new state and county-run facilities. The bill passed unanimously. This week, the Senate members passed a rewritten version of the original Assembly bill that does not include funding for new facilities. The two similar but very different bills could create a long period of inaction. We find out more from Representative Goyke.

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