Wisconsin News Roundup, Surviving Sexual Abuse, Building Understanding Between Religions

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Terrorist acts can lead to misunderstanding and fear among different religious groups, but an interfaith community wants to bring people together through learning. Our guests explain how increased knowledge about other religions benefit everyone. We also hear the story of a Wisconsin man who dealt with child abuse growing up, and get a recap of the biggest news stories from around the state this week.

Featured in this Show

  • State News Roundup For December 18, 2015

    A news editor joins us to talk prison misconduct allegations, changing the monitoring of state agencies and other major stories from around the state this week.

  • Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse

    A Wisconsin author shares his story of surviving childhood sexual abuse, and how he is now helping others heal.

  • Boosting Interfaith Literacy

    As concerns rise over conflicts between Christian and Muslim communities around the world, along with other religious conflicts, an interfaith organization says people of all belief systems should boost their interfaith literacy.

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