Wisconsin News Roundup, Milwaukee Band In Studio, Clinton And Politics

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The latest job report shows Wisconsin lagging behind much of the country, but there are some bright spots in unemployment numbers and wage growth. We talk about the latest reports and other big stories from around the state this week in our Wisconsin News Roundup. We also have Milwaukee’s own Midnight Reruns in the studio, and we’ll talk about Clinton and the upcoming general election.

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  • State News Roundup For June 10, 2016

    A recent report shows Wisconsin continues to lag behind nationally when it comes to job creation. A state news editor talks jobs, income editors and more on our Wisconsin News Roundup.

  • Milwaukee's Midnight Reruns Keep The Torch Of Rock'N'Roll Lit

    Milwaukee band, Midnight Reruns recently stopped by the WPR studio to play songs from their latest album, Force of Nurture, and talk about what it’s like to record an album under the blurry tutelage of the bassist of legendary rock band, The Replacements.

    Video highlights and audio of the band’s entire performance in WPR’s Buck studio.

  • Clinton Switches Gears To Prepare For The General Election

    This week, Hillary Clinton made history as the first woman to secure enough delegates to become the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party. We’re joined by political journalist Joanne Bamberger to talk about where Clinton goes from here. She’s also the author of “Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox”.

  • Hillary Clinton To Make Green Bay Her First Campaign Stop With President Obama

    After securing enough delegates to become the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton announced she will kick off her general election campaign in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Mike Wagner, associate professor of journalism and mass communication at University of Wisconsin-Madison, joins us to talk about why Wisconsin is first on the tour and what she will need to do to win votes.

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