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More than 400 couples will soon take part in a clinical trial offering hormonal birth control for men. We discuss whether this new push for male birth control could be the one to finally gain traction. During our Wisconsin news roundup, we check in on the top state stories of the week. Plus, we learn how the advancement of a budget plan in the U.S. Senate could open the door for an overhaul of the nation’s tax system.

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  • State News Roundup For October 20, 2017

    A mistake in the FoxConn contract, and a Microsoft facility in Green Bay–those are at the top of the list for this week’s round-up of the latest Wisconsin news.

  • What's The Future Of Male Birth Control?

    More than 400 couples from around the world will soon be recruited for a new clinical trial that will test a new form of hormonal birth control…for men. Previous attempts to develop the male equivalent of the birth control pill have hit roadblocks, but will this new contraceptive gel be any different? A reporter looks at the renewed push for a new form of male birth control, and the challenges involved.

  • US Senate Passes Budget Blueprint

    The US Senate passed a budget blueprint last night that is seen as a crucial step towards achieving the White House’s goal of a tax code overhaul. Key elements include tax cuts, changes to so-called entitlement programs, like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and also an increase in defense spending. The form in which the plan was presented could also mean faster passage of the bills that stem from it.

    Do you support the reduction in taxes that this plan could lead to? What about the changes to cornerstone programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid? Do you hope this measure speeds up the process for passage in Congress? And what about spending more on defense?

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