Wisconsin News Roundup, How Refrigeration Has Shaped History, When The Fourth Of July Was An African American Holiday

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A woman demonstrates the features of a well-stocked International Harvester refrigerator in 1950. Image courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society, WHI 2503

After the Civil War, Independence Day shifted from being a white American celebration to a holiday celebrated by African Americans in the states of the former Confederacy. We learn more about the history of celebrating Independence Day from our guest. We also discuss the history of refrigeration and Wisconsin news stories from this week.

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  • State News Roundup – July 6, 2018

    The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a Marquette professor claiming he was improperly suspended after a controversial blog post. We find out more about the case. Plus, a look at a judge’s decision to recommend against proposed natural gas plant in Superior. We also discuss Attorney General Brad Schimel’s decision to not join a multi-state lawsuit against opioid manufacturers.

  • How Refrigeration Has Shaped Human History

    From preserving the food supply to medicine to space exploration, the able to cool things has shaped human history. We’ll find out how long it’s been a part of the human experience, and what the next breakthrough may be.

  • When The Fourth Of July Was A Black Holiday

    Fourth of July celebrations usually involve a number of reliable favorites: parades, hot dogs, fireworks. But Independence Day hasn’t always been celebrated that way. We speak to two historians about post-Civil War Fourth of July celebrations in the South, when recently freed slaves used the holiday to celebrate emancipation.

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