Wisconsin News Roundup, Explaining The Flores Agreement On Immigrant Detention, Fires In The Amazon

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Fires burning in the State of Rondonia, Brazil, in the upper Amazon River basin
In this Aug 15, 2019 satellite image provided by Satellite image ©2019 Maxar Technologies, shows fires burning in the State of Rondonia, Brazil, in the upper Amazon River basin. Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, a federal agency monitoring deforestation and wildfires, said the country has seen a record number of wildfires this year, an 84 percent increase compared to the same period last year. The states that have been most affected by fires this year are Mato Grosso, Para and Amazonas, all in the Amazon region. (Satellite image ©2019 Maxar Technologies via AP)

Wisconsin reporters tell us about stories from their beats, including a rule for Green Bay developers to include public art space. Then we review the Flores settlement for detaining migrants that’s coming back up with a new Trump administration rule. And we look at fires burning in the Amazon.

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  • State News Roundup – August 23, 2019

    Green Bay will now require developers to set aside money to make public art a part of new projects. We find out how it will work. We also check in on an Iron County marina that’s reopening years after shutting down due to flood damage. Plus, an update on maintenence issues at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

  • Why The Amazon Rainforests Are On Fire And What It Means For Climate Change

    The Amazon rainforest plays an important role in how the world copes with climate change, but this year more than 70,000 fires have broken out there. We talk about what we know about the fires that are burning currently, and what it means for the health of the planet.

  • Trump Administration Moves To Terminate Long Held Legal Agreement Limiting How Long Undocumented Children Can Be Detained

    The Trump Administration announced a new rule that aims to replace the Flores agreement, a 1997 court settlement that limits the amount of time the government can detain undocumented children. We’ll talk to an immigration expert to learn more about the original agreement and what this new change could do.

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