Wisconsin News Roundup, Disappearing Primates, At National Prayer Breakfast President Trump Vows To ‘Destroy’ The Johnson Amendment

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Conflicting statements from Wisconsin’s Attorney General and a spokesperson from the Department of Justice have cast doubt on how many of the state’s 6,000 backlogged rape kits have been tested. During our state news roundup, we learn more about the status of the kits, as well as Governor Walker’s new UW tuition proposal and the possibility of Act 10 being implemented at the national level. We also hear about new research showing that up to 60 percent of the world’s primate species are now at risk for extinction. Plus, we discuss President Trump’s call to repeal the Johnson Amendment.

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  • State News Roundup For February 3, 2017

    Two days after Wisconsin’s top prosecutor said a “few hundred” of the state’s six thousand backlogged rape kits have been tested, a Department of Justice spokesperson said the state has completed the testing of nine kits. A news editor joins us to talk about this and other top stories from the past week.

  • At National Prayer Breakfast President Trump Vows To 'Destroy' The Johnson Amendment

    At yesterday’s National Prayer Breakfast, President Trump vowed to overturn the rule that prevents groups–such as churches–from engaging in political activity or risk potentially losing their tax-exempt status. We speak with Caroline Bruckner about the Johnson Amendment and what’s at stake for the law.

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