Wisconsin News Roundup, Aero Flynn In Studio, Open Records Law Questions

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State republicans created a stir last week when they unveiled a plan to change Wisconsin’s open records law, and questions about the measure still remain. Our guest gives us the latest on the proposal, and what we can expect in the future. We also cover the biggest headlines from around the state this week, and the frontman of musical group Aero Flynn joins us in the studio to talk about his backlog of songs and the Eau Claire music scene.

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  • Wisconsin News Roundup For July 10, 2015

    State politics and breaking news reporter Mary Spicuzza joins us to review the biggest news stories from around the state this week.

  • Aero Flynn And The Long Path To Their Debut Album

    With members from Eau Claire and Minneapolis, rock band Aero Flynn has strong roots in the Wisconsin music scene. Songwriter and frontman, Josh Scott called upon his musician friends to help complete the band’s self-titled debut which was recorded at Justin Vernon’s studio, April Base in rural Chippewa Valley.

    Scott talks about sitting on a backlog of finished songs, the magic of the Eau Claire music scene, and the album that almost didn’t happen.

    Video highlights and audio of the band’s entire performance in WPR’s Buck studio.

  • Questions Remain Over Nixed Open Records Law Changes

    After Wisconsin Republicans approved and then quickly backtracked on provisions that would gut the state’s open records law, questions still remain as to why the proposal was made in the first place. We speak with a journalism expert about the purpose of open records laws, who might want to change them, and how.

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