Wisconsin Elections Commission’s Tuesday Meeting, This Week In Washington, Wisconsin’s History-Making Women

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March is Women’s History Month, and Wisconsin has plenty to celebrate! We’re joined by an historian to talk about some of the state’s most important and pioneering women. A POLITICO writer also helps us break down the biggest news stories of the week from Washington D.C. Plus, we talk to a state capitol reporter who covered Tuesday’s Wisconsin Elections Commission meeting, which included discussion about the dozens of 17-year-olds who voted illegally in last April’s presidential primary election.

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  • Dozens Of 17-Year-Olds Illegally Voted In Last April's Presidential Primary, According To Wisconsin Elections Commission

    A report from the Wisconsin Elections Commission shows that dozens of 17-year-olds illegally voted in the presidential primary last April. We talk to a state capitol reporter about this news and what else came out of Tuesday’s meeting of the Elections Commission.

  • This Week In Washington – March 15, 2017

    Scott Wong, Senior Writer for The Hill, joins us on Central Time to discuss the Department of Justice’s decision to charge Russian hackers and spies over the 2014 Yahoo! data breach. Also, MSNBC revealed one of President Trump’s leaked tax documents last night, we’ll talk about what was in that form and who might have leaked it.

  • Wisconsin Women In History

    In observance of Women’s History Month, we talk with a Wisconsin historian about women of note from here in the badger state.

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